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Turbo Teen

Turbo Teen : Intro [HQ]

The intro to the iconic 1980's cartoon, "Turbo Teen" Fun Fact: The car that Brett turns into looks like an amalgam of a Third ...

2015-04-02 00:45 346,731 YouTube

Turbo Teen The Sinister Souped Up Seven

Turbo Teen Episode 6 The Sinister Souped Up Seven Thanks for watching if you like my content please like and subscribe.

2020-05-01 21:13 55,241 YouTube

Turbo Teen Transformation Supercut

A supercut of transformations from the short-lived 1984 cartoon series "Turbo Teen." The video includes 52 total transformations ...

2016-04-08 23:28 147,375 YouTube

Turbo teen episode #13 "The Mystery of Dark Rider"

Turbo Teen.episode #13 "The Mystery of Dark Rider" this could be the only copy of this episode ,all others have been lost to time.

2020-07-12 21:44 21,696 YouTube

Turbo Teen (1984) - S01E08 - "Dark Rider and the Wolves of Doom" (HQ)

ORIGINALLY AIRED: October 27, 1984 RUNTIME: 25 minutes NETWORK: ABC (US)

2021-10-20 21:13 333 YouTube

Turbo Teen Opening Credits

Just the idea of a guy and his car combining to become one is so cool. I do not claim to own this video. Turbo Teen opening. Music composed and conducted by Udi...

2016-01-31 00:45 351 Dailymotion

Turbo Teen -Turbo Triebes (German w English subtitles)


2021-06-29 21:07 34 Dailymotion

1984 - Turbo Teen cartoon opening

I loved the parts when the different parts of Voltron combined to become one. I do not claim to own this video. Here's the jist: Take the Smurfs and make them u...

2016-01-31 01:00 139 Dailymotion

Turbo Teen | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Things arent always so incredible when youre the Turbo Teen.\r\rSUBSCRIBE: \r\rAbout Robot Chicken:\rRobot Chicken is Adult Swims long-running stop-motion anima...

2016-03-02 01:45 2,587 Dailymotion

Game Shakers | Turbo Toboggan | Nickelodeon Teen

Les Game Shakers tentent de battre le record de vitesse du Toboggan de la Mort !Abonne-toi maintenant pour regarder plus de séries Nickelodeon, y compris Game ...

2019-10-03 02:11 2,496 Dailymotion