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Best ever 10mins Rabab Music 2014 HD- gonjeshkake, pardai awal ect.

Old Pashto songs rabab and also Pardai Awal and Gonjeshkake at the end! Maroof Logari's older son in Kabul playing the Rabab.

2013-11-25 10:48 2,073,506 YouTube

"Supplication - ذاري" by AQ [Rabab Instrumental]

After huge success of Janaan [Pashto RnB], Ali Qazi on behalf of AQ Records proudly presents another hit. First time in the history of Rabab, A unique blend of ...

2014-01-26 04:25 1,547,526 YouTube

Despacito Rabab

Despacito's Pakistani Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Traditional Music Rabab.

2018-02-01 03:14 56,886 YouTube

heart touching rabab symphony


2016-08-20 03:33 1,403,091 YouTube

king Of Rabab Ustad Ghulam Hussain

Jawid maYar

2013-10-18 05:27 385,955 YouTube

Da ishq Rabab....Asif Ali....Pashto Album Public Choice 2013

This song director Camara work and editing by Hazrat Gul.Rahman Baba great lyrics singing Asif Ali.This song about the malangan and the nice video shot in Raham...

2014-02-28 06:20 27,823 Dailymotion

Pashto Rabab Saaz With Mange Pashto Song

Sitar is very sweet instrument in pashto music.Malange Ustad is very nice and top sitar master in pashto have all copyrights....

2015-02-16 03:30 14,713 Dailymotion

Pashto New Mast Rabab Mangi Programe 2014 Must Watch

Pashto new Song 2015 Pashto Best Song 2015 Rabab mangi Tang Takor Pashto Funy Video 2015 Nazia Iqbal new Song 2015 Gul Panra New Song 2015 Rahim Shah New Song 2...

2014-03-28 07:50 11,887 Dailymotion

Pashto Song Of Rabab Music

Pashto Song Of Rabab Music...

2012-11-27 04:30 69,163 Dailymotion

Tapay tang takor rabab pashto songs armani tapay pashto funny video funnny pathan pashto dance

Tapay tang takor rabab pashto songs armani tapay pashto funny video funnny pathan pashto dance...

2015-03-27 03:20 16,248 Dailymotion