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Khan Gul

Khan Gul Shadi Chor Kar Q Baga | Watch Full Video |

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2018-04-28 06:43 107,490 YouTube

Gul Khan Aur Sultan Series, ( Episode 1 ) By Our Vines & Rakx Production New

Never underestimate the level of Pakhtoon. We (Pakhtoon) are peace lover and we deal in peace and love. LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE.

2018-01-13 03:23 1,823,851 YouTube

Meherban Full HD Song Ft Yamee Khan Gul Panra

Singer | Gul Panra Feat | Yamee Khan Music | Yamee Studio DOP | Kamil Hussain Director | Arsh UPLOADED BY :

2016-09-09 03:20 20,666 YouTube

|Gulkhan and rukhsana|-| Gul Khan Wants A LaLLa | When She Needs An Iphone X |-|Moiz Shah/Our Vines|

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2017-11-20 05:19 1,793,329 YouTube

Gul khan And Rukhsana | Rukhsana VS Priya Prakash | Ourvines/Moizshah

According to rukhsana there are certain things only women could do men should avoid trying them. Instagram: Imoizshah Snapchat: Imoizshah Facebook: ...

2018-03-06 03:36 444,524 YouTube

Gul Panra feat Yamee Khan Mashup {2015}

Singer: Gul Panra Directed by : Arsh Films Music by : Yamee Studio Presented by : GPStudio Credits: ‪#‎ArshVfxArtist‬ Video Full Song : http://gulpanra.c...

2015-12-14 02:54 1,389,713 Dailymotion

Gul Panra feat Yamee Khan Mashup

Gul Panra feat Yamee Khan Mashup Song Credits: Singer: Gul Panra Directed by : Arsh Films Music by : Yamee Studio Presented by : GPStudio Credits: ‪#...

2015-12-21 02:54 113,267 Dailymotion

Da Gul Khulye Jaiyne......Pashto Song Singer Nazia Iqbal And Raheem Shah....Arbaaz Khan &Suno Lal

This new Pashto song sing the one is only in Pashto music industry singer Raheem Shah and very famous singer Nazia Iqbal for up coming pashto film.Arbaaz Khan a...

2013-10-01 04:20 117,854 Dailymotion

Saber Sha Zargia Part-1....Pashto Film.....Arbaaz Khan And Ajab Gul

Sabar Sha Zargiya is new Pashto film.The Film director is Liyakat Ali Khan.Producer by Naveed Rafi.Dance master Nigha Hussan.Edit by this Pashto film Zulfiqar b...

2014-04-26 50:13 36,967 Dailymotion

Ta Nawe Chi Gul Rawra......Pashto Song Singer Karan Khan.....Album Tabeer

Karan khan is very famous singer in pashto music industry for sandara and ghazals.he sing very nice songs also for pashto film and tale film and his albums.This...

2014-05-01 06:21 49,373 Dailymotion